Best Benefit Makeup Products to Try!


Benefit Cosmetics was founded in 1976 in San Francisco by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. Their flagship store was originally called “The Face Place” and was developed as a beauty shop to provide multitasking products that have grown rapidly and gained cult status among their customers. The first benefit product on the market was Rose Tint, a lip and cheek tint that we now know as Benetint.

In the late 80s, the brand is gaining steam and expanding its product line. In 1990, the name Benefit was changed and wickets were opened in various department stores such as Henri Bendel and Harrod’s in the United Kingdom. It was acquired in 2001 by the French luxury goods company LVMH, which allowed the brand to expand brewing, skin care, bath products and body and become retailers such as than Ulta, Sephora and Macy’s.

Benefit has further enhanced the eyebrow experience by creating the benefit bar Benefit – the ultimate pampering area that helps you get and keep the perfect bows. Today, Benefit is synonymous with excellent eyebrows and brightly colored products that work (and let’s be honest, be adorable about your vanity). In the period that followed, we rated our 15 most popular Benefit Cosmetics products. We are sure you will see something that stat can try.

Photo via Instagram @benefitcosmetics

Benefit Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter, $30

Mark your face and bring your face to brilliant perfection. With the champagne-colored highlighter with a cream-powder stick, you can easily add the perfect amount of shine where you want it. The delivery includes a sponge applicator that simplifies mixing and makes it a travel clip.


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