Makeup Artist Ryan Kelly Creates A Great Pop-Culture Table On Her Lips


I often flipped through the make-up artist’s Instagram masks with respect and wondered how they had managed to achieve such an enviable balance between blush and highlighter or to offer an unexpected mix of colors for a particular wrinkle. punchy. Although I may never be able to master their techniques, there is at least a chance I can mimic them with practice quite well. I can say for sure that despite all the practices in the world, I can never do what Ryan Kelly does.

Kelly, a make-up artist from Maryland, has been practicing and perfecting lip art for four years and has won over 75,000 Instagram followers. Kelly uses her lips as an unusual canvas to interpret familiar images with breathtaking accuracy. “My technique has certainly evolved, I really think about my previous appearance and crawl a bit,” she told Allure. “The content is pretty consistent, I like to play with trends and references to pop culture.”

One of these references: Kelly’s last tribute to Bird Box, the horror film Netflix. Earlier this month, blindfolded and with a foggy background, she blindfolded Sandra Sandra Bullock as if someone had used a projector to play the movie on her face. Kelly even blindfolds the nails; She often adds an element of nail art to intelligently add even more dimension to the photos she publishes with her results. (And this is not the first time Bullock has turned up.) Last October, she created Practical Magic Lip Pencil, which was completed with a midnight margarita nail.)

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