Style Tips on How to Wear Leather Jacket- 2021


As corny as it sounds, I still remember my first leather jacket. He had wanted it for years, but he was never sure he could do it. When I thought of leather jackets, I thought of tough girls who could look good in everything they wore. I’m a little blond girl with a baby face, I definitely did not think I could use one without being ridiculous.

But then I found a cheap black leather jacket from Forever 21 that I liked. I thought it would be better to try it because it was very cheap, and then I loved it so much that I had a hole in my sleeve. I got a real improvement and this year I shook off two vegan leather jackets, one from Volcom and one from American Eagle. I no longer feel inappropriate in my leather jacket, I love it.

The point is, everyone can wear a leather jacket! You do not have to ride a motorcycle, have a particular attitude or dress in a certain way. Leather jackets look good on anything, whether you’re healing a floral dress or looking for an elegant, completely black outfit. Do you want other ideas on how to go this fall? Here are 26 style tips for wearing leather jackets:

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