Top 16 Small World Tattoo Designs 2021


Great minds were always very skeptical about the existence of an intelligent life in the universe. So far, the mystery of whether there are “others” like us remains the greatest limit. But for most of us, we tend to be humble and grateful for what we have. We celebrate our own existence, we celebrate our own world.

The world or the earth has been our home and millions of other life forms since its memorial. It is never really a mystery why we love it so much, why we make it one of our greatest inspirations. As in the world of art, you will always see one or two masterpieces illustrating our world. Either from our point of view or from the eye of the gods, this blue planet has always been a feast for the eyes, an art that really fascinates. We do not have to look any further to find patterns of art in the world. Sometimes it is enough to check the skin of some people and you will get a tattoo.

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