40+ New Winter Nail Polishes For The Manicure


Like the comforting warmth of the head pulled into the neck of a turtleneck pullover, the winter’s first manicure is almost solemn. Bursting cold has officially arrived – your heavy socks and thick scarves are the proof – and it’s time to buy your smallest fashion accessories.
Everyone knows that the finest thing about any manicure is, whether it’s home improvement or Netflix in bed, or the rainbow of small glass bottles in your favorite living room. is the right polish to choose. Fortunately, we consulted a few nail specialists who analyzed the eight nail colors that are already becoming gigantic this winter.
From dark, boisterous, rich sapphire bloodthirsts to soft, soft tones like desert tone and creamy pink, you’ll find the exact nail polish that every cool girl will wear this winter.

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